Off-Grid Photovoltaic Panels in Cyprus

off grid photovoltaic panels in cyprus

The sun is one of the few renewable sources of energy among wind and water. Solar panels are an innovative way to use this energy to your benefit and create a home powered only by the sun. PV panels are an asset, especially in Cyprus, where the sun is shining almost all year long. Here you can learn more information about the off-grid photovoltaic panels in Cyprus.

PV panels are divided into two major categories apart from residential and commercial. These categories are On-Grid and Off-Grid solar panels. Their main difference is the connection to the electricity grid. As a result, it is more common to install Off-Grid solar panels in remote or isolated areas.

Off-grid solar panels are described as autonomous and have a battery bank that saves all the power produced by the PV panels. Make sure that the battery is big enough to withstand the amount you are planning to power and that it is capable to cover your entire home’s electrical needs. Moreover, be certain about the quality of the battery, to last a long time. 

These PV systems can power from a small tablet to a big factory. Do not be fooled by the idea that they are operating on a battery. They have an enormous capacity to power demanding installations. Photovoltaic systems can last up to 25 years approximately.

Furthermore, to operate the off-grid system properly it is essential to know how each part works since each element is unique. First, solar panels collect the sun’s energy producing direct current electricity. Following the controller delivers the energy produced to the battery banks. The battery banks are the ones saving energy. Then, the inverter draws the energy from the batteries to transform it into alternating current electricity which can be used in a house.

Do not forget that they are environmentally friendly, not producing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. For more information on the advantages of PV systems go to “The Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation”.

Some alternative and innovative ideas for using off-grid solar systems are for an emergency power supply for areas with repeated power cuts or in case of a natural disaster. Also, it is very useful for people who go on camping or hiking or when using solar scooters, solar boats, or solar bikes.

For an eco-friendly solution, it is no secret that PV panels are the best option. Look no further, Nicosia Solar and our team of professionals are ready and willing to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or details.