Net-Metering in Nicosia

net-metering in nicosia

A net-metering photovoltaic system in Nicosia is a photovoltaic system that is used for the generation of electricity for households or companies. The solar panels absorb sunlight to produce energy that is then converted to electricity. The solar panels of a net-metering system in Nicosia are placed on the roof or ground of a house or another building.


net-metering in nicosia

The consumers use the electricity they need and if there is excess energy, it is sent to the EAC grid. This excess energy is calculated, and the appropriate amount is credited to the consumer’s next EAC bill. Accordingly, if they consume more energy than what the solar panels generate, the difference is calculated, and the consumer pays the relevant amount through their EAC account.

Virtual Net-Metering in Nicosia

The difference between net-metering and virtual net-metering is that the latter gives consumers the option to install solar panels in a location that is different from the building that will be benefited from the generation of electricity.

Virtual net-metering in Nicosia can be used by homeowners and professional farmers when they do not have the space to install solar panels at home or their agricultural premises.

net-metering in nicosia

PV System Installation Procedure

The process for installing a photovoltaic system in Cyprus starts by contacting us. In order to be able to send you an offer we will need some documents from you: your building’s last six EAC bills together with top view plans or the title deed. Once we have these documents, we study them so that we can come up with an offer that meets your property’s electricity needs.

Then we arrange a meeting at the property to have a look and check that it fits the requirements for a PV installation. If you accept our offer, we will continue with the EAC application. We will be of assistance throughout the whole process and the paperwork.

The cost for the application to the EAC starts from €297,50 including VAT and is not included in our offer.

Our offer includes:

  • All work for the successful completion of the installation.
  • All required material including a factory prefabricated mounting system.
  • EAC application including testing/commissioning procedure.