Net-Metering Application Process

net-metering application process

The installation of photovoltaic systems has become very common in Cyprus and homeowners resort to this as a way to save money on their utility bills. The application for the installation of net-metering photovoltaic systems takes time and requires some paperwork. However, with the right guidance from Nicosia Solar, you will find the application easy.  So, here you can learn about the net-metering application process.

The Process

First things first, you need to find a trustworthy photovoltaic installation company with the experience to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that there are no issues with your application. Then it is time to discuss your needs and budget with the professionals who will also visit your house to assess the space. This step is crucial because their experience and expertise allow them to know whether a photovoltaic system fits and if it will work effectively. Once the professionals assess everything, they will offer you a quotation based on the power your photovoltaic system will have, and the size, type and quality of the solar panels.

Then it is time for your application to the EAC. Everyone with a permanent residency in Cyprus can apply for a net-metering system. The application fee is €250 plus VAT and includes the application process, the meter, the inspection and the connection to the grid.

Once the application is submitted, assessed and approved by the EAC, the next step is the installation of the solar panels, the inspection by EAC professionals and the connection to the grid.

The Documents

  1. Completed and signed EAC application form.
  2. Original building permit.
  3. Copy of a recent EAC bill in the name of the applicant.
  4. Copy of the building’s plot plan.
  5. Copies of the last six EAC bills, an EAC electricity usage statement for the last 12 months, or the energy performance certificate for new buildings.
  6. Copy of the building’s title deed or copies of the plot’s ownership title and construction license for new houses for which the title deed has not been issued.
  7. Consent of the building’s owner if the owner is not the applicant or consent of all the owners of a building if there is more than one owner.
  8. A signed statement from the applicant that the property for which the application is submitted is their principal residence.
  9. For non-Cypriot applicants, a copy of a permanent residency certificate (yellow slip) or copies of 6 recent EAC bills in the name of the applicant.
  10. Proof of vulnerability for applicants who wish to be grunted the beneficiary fund (οnly for disadvantaged and vulnerable electricity consumers).