Over 40 Thousand Installed Photovoltaic Systems in Cyprus

installed photovoltaic systems in cyprus

According to representatives of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA), there are currently 43,017 installed photovoltaic systems in Cyprus, with a total production capacity of 522.40 MW. Additionally, it is expected that CERA will issue more licenses in 2023.

Based on the data of the 10-Year Transmission Development Program, at the moment there are the following systems in Cyprus:

  • 305 photovoltaic systems with a power of 20-50 kWp
  • 164 photovoltaic systems with a power of 50-100 kWp
  • 175 photovoltaic systems with a power of 100-250 kWp
  • 20 photovoltaic systems with a power of 250-600 kWp
  • 84 photovoltaic systems with a power that exceeds 600 kWp

Specifically, the categories of the connected photovoltaic systems in Cyprus are as follows:

nicosia solar table

Energy Production in 2022

According to the data from the Cyprus Transmission System Operator, in 2022, the production of electricity from renewable energy sources amounted to 17.2% of the gross final electricity consumption. Photovoltaic systems accounted for a production rate of 11.9% of the gross final electricity consumption.

In the previous year, 2021, the percentage of electricity production from renewable energy sources as a portion of the total generated energy reached 14.9%. Photovoltaic systems made the largest contribution to this percentage. Specifically, the total estimated production percentage from photovoltaic systems reached 9.2%, with 0.8% coming from biomass systems and 4.9% from wind turbines.

While the installation of photovoltaic systems in Cyprus continues, a redesign study of the transmission system is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, in order to increase the renewable energy penetration rates, which amounts to 330,000 euros.